7 Things That Happen When You Date an Indian Girl

Who would have thought I would end up with an Indian Girl? I mean are there not enough girls in Europe?

I came to this far away country last January with a lot fears and expectations. Never I thought I would be dating an Indian girl. And it’s not like it happened after several months of adjusting. No. Prachi and I met on the second day of my trip!

So you’re probably wondering what it’s like to be dating an Indian girl! Well, I can tell you, it’s like nothing else. Indian girls are different from Westerners in many ways. Here I will explain you why in 7 points:

1. Spirituality is Part of Daily Life

DSC00608When you date an Indian girl, you are bound to receive daily doses of religion, spirituality and superstition. Going to temples and praying are just common things that will happen and you’ll love it.
It’s a good thing as I think in the West we lack spirituality. People used to develop themselves through the practice of their religion and now that it has become something marginal, people have lost most of the old traditions and rituals that used to keep us grounded.

Indians are not close-minded when it comes to the practice of other religions. Your Indian girl will happily take you to visit the local church, Gurudwara (Sikh temple), Buddhist temple, or a Dargah, and will behave in the same way that she would have in her Hindu temples. No prejudice!

2. No Public Display of Affection

As a French guy, I am used to seeing people holding hands and kissing in public, if not more! For some people, French have a reputation for being romantic lovers; for others, we simply indulge too much in things like sex, wine and ourselves.

Well, when you date an Indian girl, you need to rethink your old habits of displaying your affection in public. No more long kisses or hugs right in the center of town. Things like that need to be done in private.

Indian girls are also more conservative in the way they dress. If you’re looking to see some skin, then sorry mate, India is not the place for you! But if you are a little patient, you’ll soon find out that your Indian girlfriend is more refined and classy for not cheaply showing her body.

3. Constant Lectures on India’s Greatness

I never thought there were people out there more ‘nationalist’ than us French. Well I was wrong! Indians are very proud of their DSC00414nationality and will constantly remind you why India is the best using facts, figures and stories.

In the relationship, this means that from time to time you’ll find yourself in some ‘spicy’ arguments with your Indian partner. Better being prepared and careful with whatever things you think you know about India, and have sufficient proof to back it up. Sorry, Indian girls are well educated and don’t like to be pushed around, so don’t expect them to just nod and smile to whatever you’re saying.

4. Ooh Spices!

Yes Indians do eat spicy food. This is not a myth. Don’t think though that all the food that we eat in India is spicy. Personally, before coming to India I would avoid anything that is a little spicy; I thought that was not for me. Now I WANT spices.

Spicy food here does not only mean hot, so when you re dating an Indian girl, you are bound to taste a lot of new flavors, which could, after a while, make your carbonara pasta seem tasteless.

5. Center of Attention

Being an “intercontinental” couple, we constantly catch people staring at us. What’s interesting is that is seems to always happen in the same manner. First they look in our direction and notice that there is something unusual. They look at her and see that she is Indian, then at me and notice that I’m a Westerner, and then look back at her and seem to be thinking how did these two birds end up together! It’s quite funny actually.

6. Nosy & Cosy Family

Family will play an important role in the life of your Indian girlfriend. They share indian familyeverything with each other; except anything that has to do with romance and dating. Any major decision in life will have the influence of the elder members of the family, and before planning to take away your girl, you should know that ‘papa’ needs to be asked first! The good thing is, not only you’ll have a girlfriend, but you will also inherit her family and the responsibility that comes with it.

7. Natural Remedy/Indian Shaman

Since I am dating an Indian girl, I have learned many grandmothers’ recipes to cure little illnesses and practical things that, in the West, people have just forgotten about. As soon as we, Westerners, feel a little sick we automatically rush to the local chemist to find a ‘miracle’ cure, keeping our large pharmaceutical multinationals very happy.

Indian girls have a more natural ways of treating ailments. For a cough drink ginger tea, for a burn apply turmeric, for any stomach trouble eat natural yoghurt; the list is endless!

So are you brave enough to date an Indian girl? If not, take two scoops of courage, mix it with a pinch of adventure and lots of drama; definitely worth it!


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