How Far Would You Go?

I have been thinking a lot lately and I don’t know how far I am ready to go? 

I became a vegetarian over an year ago. It wasn’t a very difficult decision at that point of time. I had seen it coming for a while and when yoga happened, turning a vegetarian also seemed natural. It made sense and made me feel like a better human being.
So next, I stopped buying leather as well, which again wasn’t a huge sacrifice either. Now lately, Ben has been talking about being vegan. Now that feels like a HUGE step. Though I am not against it, I need a few years to get there. I mean I’m Indian, how do I give up on paneer and ghee and he’s French, so we’ll never have cheese again? What if the cows are treated well and they are happy, is it justified to eat milk products then? But what happens to male calves even in a happy farm, they still get butchered! Is there no way u can have animal products and have happy animals?

And then what is the limit. Silk worms are killed for silk; no more silk clothes now?
What about keeping pets. Don’t we train dogs and other animals for our joy and comfort, is that their natural state?

So is it really possible to not harm other lives and how far are we ready to go?

While I figure out how far I should go, I’d love to hear your take on it.


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