That’s How it Became All About Yoga!

Prachi Joshi








My foray into spirituality took place at the age of 13 when I for the first time realized that I do not know what’s best for me and if I whole heartedly ask for something, I will get it irrespective of whether it’s good for me or not. And so came the realization that there is a superpower out there and sometimes it is ok to surrender to that power. This deep realization was a result of my first ever break up (ah, the matters of the heart!).

Since then I have been a sucker for everything that talks about God, the mind, the universe and everything that people like me consider magical and the uninitiated consider crazy.

After growing up on ‘Harry Potter’ and transcending into ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘The Secret’, YOGA should have been a very natural path to walk into (the yogis know what I’m talking about). But it did not happen that naturally for me. After a major personal life crisis in 2013 that made me question everything that I was doing, I turned to the universe once more and fought bitterly with it for more than a year. At this point, I started meditating, looking for answers within, since the universe wasn’t talking to me. I turned my life, as I knew it, completely upside down, gave up my job, all my material possessions along with all the little dreams that made my future seem secure and moved out of the city I had been living in. What I believed to be a crisis, turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When I gave up everything, I found everything that I had needed and wanted all this while.

In an ashram in Rishikesh I fell in love with YOGA and my life changed for the better. It very quickly became more than just a physical practice and seeped into my complete lifestyle. What YOGA has brought to me is more beautiful and peaceful than anything I have ever experienced.


Benoit Dussaix









I have always been addicted to sports. I must have tried almost everything, in search for the perfect combination of movements that will help me get the most out of my body and gain confidence in myself.

In the most recent years I felt a need to go even further. The endless hours in the gym lifting weights would just not do it for me anymore. I needed a change.

During summer 2014, I decided to go to China for 3 months to learn Kung Fu. I spent my vacation toiling; Waking up at 5.30am everyday for over 5 hours of hard training. I never thought I could take my body this far. I loved it!

After these three months, I came home in the best shape of my life. With all the motivation in the world I continued training as best as I could but quickly realised that throwing endless number of kicks everyday alone at home wasn’t as much exciting as it was in China, and much more difficult without an angry Kung Fu master behind my back to yell at me. So slowly I stopped training.

I don’t remember why exactly but one day I got tempted to try a YOGA class in London. I found a school that looked good (at least online), looked a little bit like a temple. As soon as I entered the place I remember feeling something weird. I felt peaceful. I became a member even before trying out the first class. I knew this was it.

This was almost 5 years ago. I went there as many times as I could, hooked on the feeling of wellbeing that this strange exercise provided me. I then decided to come to India and started YOGA courses. Here in India (as you will discover in future posts) I have discovered much more than how to perform perfect Asanas, I found the best method to finding true happiness. Whatever plans I had for my future have all changed. It’s now all about YOGA.


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